Through years of research and development with experts in the logistics industry, we proudly present to you our powerful and creative software, MBW. What's cool?
“MBW is your
perfect logistics
business partner”


  • Bountiful logistics shipping documents, work handy, convenient
  • Incredibly high efficiency, high production efficiency, and cost-effective
  • To streamline interface design, easy to operate
  • To relief human negligence error, enhance customer confidence and exert your company to establish a high-quality brand
  • Innovative EDI function

Logistics Operating System

  • Simple interface
  • Support Traditional / Simplified Chinese / English
  • To reduce complicated process, improve work efficiency
  • Powerful database support, safe and reliable
  • Files are available with smooth flow
  • Support a variety of online functionality (shipping instruction, T & T)

Financial Management

  • Data can be exchanged with a variety of popular a powerful professional accounting system, integrate operations and accounting processes
  • Reduce manpower operation caused by human error
  • Detailed business and financial reporting to facilitate management easily manage overall business

Electronic Customs (EDI)

  • Full-featured online declaration process faster and more smoothly
  • To avoid omission declaration from fines, reduce costs and increase profit

Online Documents Courier

  • Paperless workplace and simplify the process of sending and receiving files, make you work faster and easier
  • Greatly enhance the exchange of information with customers and agents, to speed up the workflow